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Welcome Back to School

The time to start of a new year of adventures before and after school is just about here.  Check out Fall and Winter schedules on the "Classes at your School Tab" above

Fall Late Registration Available

Rolling registration and class fees automatically prorated online, late fee applied to each enrollment at checkout.  

Information for Parents

Darien After School, LLC is a separate business entity from Darien Public Schools.

Darien After School, LLC, its officers or associates, do not have access to medical information provided by parents to Darien Public Schools or access to medication(s) stored with the school nurse. If your child has an allergy, or other medical concern, please let us know when registering for a class or event.   See Student Allergies tab above for details. 

We want to ensure every child is safe and enjoys their time before and after school.  Please contact us any time, with any concerns specific to your child (e.g. social/ behavioral, family custodial concerns, or injuries.)

Welcome to Darien After School!

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or Hayley at 888.212.3837